Timeless, Modern Storytelling.

Nothing surmounts to finding the one person you can't live without. Your best friend. Your soulmate. It's in her silly texts. That first look in the morning. The kiss goodnight. How he holds your hand just right. I want you two to live this up. Out of seven billion here on Earth you choose each other. That is huge.

It’s about love

I want to capture this conneciton. Whether it's a outdoor wedding at a state park or forest, a farm, a rustic inn in the mountains, a destination resort or eloping to a beautful place. I want to capture your day. The essence that makes you two. I want you two to be real. Genuine momemts tell your true story.

West Virginia Wedding Photographers

// WV Wedding Photography by West Virginia Wedding Photographers Chris Jackson. Based in Fayetteville, Chris is also available for US and international work, specializing in documentary and fine art wedding photography. With a solid background in photojournalism, Chris captures natural, timeless images which blend fine art visuals with keen story-telling. Chris’ wedding work has been featured in WV Weddings and Bliss Bridal.

West Virginia Wedding Photographer Chris Jackson began capturing weddings professionally in 2009, documenting nearly 100 weddings, and he can attest that each wedding is unique. Furthermore, no one package fits all, so he prides himself on being open to working with clients to fill their needs. Chris’ main goal as a professional documentary wedding photographer is to provide his clients with genuine moments that reflect their wedding day. He uses a mixture of natural light and on-location studio lighting because it helps his clients’ stand out with rich clarity. Being unobtrusive allows his clients to be themselves. Nothing makes him happier then hearing “oh my gosh, I didn’t even know you were there.” Additionally, Chris is LGBT-friendly. Chris serves Fayetteville, Charleston, Lewisburg, Snowshoe, Lost River, Shepherdstown, Davis and Morgantown as well as Roanoke, Harrisonburg and Charlottesville and is available nationwide.

Your wedding is more than a photo shoot. Clients book with West Virginia Wedding Photographer Chris Jackson because they want genuine moments.  Weddings rarely go as planned. They’re unpredictable. Grandma takes a wrong turn. You run out of beer. You danced. But they happen. They are present when scrolling your gallery five years on. They’re in the eyes of your grandkids turning the pages of your album. Those moments are monumental and tell stories beyond decades. Let me capture them for you.\\


West Virginia Wedding Photographers

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